We Get Fatter and Fatter Each Day…


How do people get diabetes? Why does it cause so many problems? How can you get rid of it?

Diabetes is a big thing in Canada. This isn’t something that you can just get rid of, it usually stays for life.

** DefinitionDiabetes is usually a lifelong (chronic) disease in which there are high levels of sugar in the blood. Which you can have  bad problems with your health later on in life…

This disease can have complications along the way:

*Know the risks and factors of diabetes. No one wants this but no one takes care of there bodies! We all need to be more aware of what to eat, exercise right and keep our bodies healthy!

When diabetes hit, they hit you hard… You don’t know what to expect but yet we get through it! In the early stages they give you pills to try and keep your blood sugar down, but if that doesn’t work well then, here comes the fun part! When you  get to the later stages you get whats called insulin.  This is when you spend all of your hours putting needles into yourself, checking your sugar level four times a day and trying to watch what you eat…. Not fun! This is not something you can get rid of, it lasts forever and will stay with you forever!

*This is sad. Her life was completely changed and her family completely changed.

So this is a very serious thing to be dealt with in life! We need to think about “What if this was me? How would I deal with it or even how would it effect my family?”Please, watch the signs of diabetes this isn’t something you can get rid of. ** Be aware of the signs!**


“WARNING”..This Content Is Not Suitable For Younger Viewers!


The topic I picked was a unusual one. I never thought I would pick something like this. Picking a topic is truly not easy, there is many steps to go through:

  • first-you need to think,”Is this something I can back myself up with?”
  • second-Is it a good topic
  • And last-Do you understand the point there trying to get at?

https://i1.wp.com/addconsults.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/thinking.jpgI decided to write about a little girl getting raped by someone she knew. Her parents were devastated by this tragedy, but couldn’t figure out why someone would want to do this to there family.

This is a big deal to me and should be to everyone else, we put criminals behind bars not out on the street! You need to watch your surroundings. Rape is a big deal not just in Canada, but all over the world. People don’t understand the effects it has on the families that have to deal with it. Taking your daughter to therapy or visiting her in the hospital is not as bad as never seeing her again. Thing about, “What if this happened to your daughter, son or someone in your family?” How would you feel and would it change your relationship with your family?


Just imagine if this was your family:

**This is your loving family,

  • you play together
  • always there for each other
  • and you care

https://i0.wp.com/babygearworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/Your-Role-as-a-Family-Member.jpg      But What If This Happens?    https://i2.wp.com/static.indianexpress.com/m-images/Mon%20May%2009%202011,%2001:51%20hrs/M_Id_213692_A_girl_cries_after_one_of_her_family_members_was_taken_away_by_police.jpg

Theses things are not easy to deal with, theses picture play an important role in life. Not just because ones happy and the other is sad, but it tells what people go through. When something like this happens you have to think about the effects:

No one ever thinks”Can this happen to me? But it can. Every two minutes one women/girl gets raped, but 720 girls get raped in a day. Now this is ridiculous  We need to stop this and be aware that this can happen to anyone in the world! Careful of who you are around and who you are friends with.

Why Do We Have Bullies?


They all say that life is short, but is that really true? For some people it is.

Bullying is the worst thing that could happen to a person, but there is another type of bullying. Cyber bullying is even worse. It is over the internet and you don’t always know who you are talking to.That’s the thing with the internet, you think you are talking to a fifteen year old girl but you can be actually a fifty year old man! Shocking!  Many people are are effected by this.

  • Amanda Todd was a victim of bullying. She was fifteen years old and lived in British Columbia, she was a beautiful young lady! She was bullied because she hooked up with an older guy that “had” a girlfriend. On October 10, 1012 Amanda passed away in her home. Prior to her death she posted a video on what she went through most of her life.

Her parents loved her dearly, but the bully never. “Quote” Her father said “Amanda has a new journey now that will be brighter and stronger, and she will always be with us in so many other ways.” People described her:spunky personality, her love of shiny things. She will never be forgotten. She will be greatly missed.

What is bullying? (My opinion)                                                               

Bullying is just the rudeness of grouchy people! They don’t understand what the effect is one the person and their family. It also leads to many problems in and out of school like:

People feel the being by themselves or committing suicide is a way to solve there problems. What they don’t realize is that help is just a step away. You need to stand up to bullies and ask for help. Everyone is a “Big kid” but you will always need someone to stand up for you!

The point is that bullying is a big thing all over the world and needs to stop. We will all witness and, but need to take action immediately! **Enjoy life as it is, like Amanda she didn’t know what was coming. There are people in the world that can help with anything and everything! Take the time to realize that this can happen to anyone. I hope you realize that this it not something that you can just shrug off. Stand up for your friends!

The Golden Years…..


Is it good to be old?

It’s said that the older you get the more you enjoy life… But is that completely true?

As you get older your body changes very quickly, you break bones quicker and seem to just fade away. Is that how you wanna live your life? Getting old is just a simple change of life, it happens to everyone, but will never go away.Everyone seems so happy about their “Golden Years”, but why?

  • Sleeping In
  • Retirement
  • Just doing what they feel like

In my life, I have one special person that is retired. My “Baba” /grandma has been retired for about twenty years. She enjoys her life better now than she did as a child. When your retired you pretty much “run your own life.” She runs her own “Baking Business” and enjoys it very much. She makes:

  • Perogies
  •  Cabbage Rolls
  • Pies
  • Muffins(which are really good!)
  • Cakes and more!

As you get older, there could be some consequences. DementiaAlzheimer, brittle bones, but what happens when you start breaking hips or having heart attacks?This is a possibility, as you get older. When you age, broken bones or even healing from a heart attack can be very hard on you. People don’t understand what’s it like to age, I watched my great grandmother go from a hard working woman to a 90 year old that can’t walk, talk or eat.  Most people see others react to this, but what do they think when it happens to them? Getting older means your family can’t help as much as they would like, and that’s why people go into care homes. What’s it like to get put in a hospital and need home care? You can’t do anything on your own, nurses do everything for you and they don’t really understand what your going through. To me, being old is a bad thing. I don’t understand why people like it so much. As a family member gets older you can see differences in there memory and behavior, but there not always a good thing. Being in a hospital for the rest of your life is defiantly, “NOT A GOOD THING.”

Enjoy life as a child and teen, life goes on and on but the further you travel the worse it could get. Cherish the moments that count and respect those who care. Always follow your dreams and never turn back!



Five Card Story: Help

a Five Card Flickr story created by Katie & Juli

flickr photo by Serenae

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by Serenae

flickr photo by Serenae

A fire broke out in the building, and a woman ran for her life. She saved a man’s child from the parachute, and climbs the highest mountain. From there, she looks out into the open and realizes she’s lost.

Are We The “Same” or “Different”?


Over the last few weeks, we have been working with an awesome class in Ontario.  Last week we were asked to fill out a survey that related to us and our lives. Now, we are asked to choose two/three people from there that we have something in common with. Even thought you live days away from someone, doesn’t mean you two can’t be the same.

I have chosen two people that I have something in common with: Niah T and Tamara W. The reason I chose these two girls is because, we both have three things in common. First, we all have dogs or “a” dog. Then we all like Facebook and hate spiders!

Next, we were asked to do the opposite thing. Now we need to find people that are totally different from me. This part was a little easier! Then again I found two people that I had something different with:they were:  Melissa M and Logan K . Melissa and I are not the same because she likes quiet things and I like to be loud. I only have a dog, but she has dogs, cats and fish!(<-animal lover!)The other thing is that she likes to watch sports and has a favorite team, but I don’t watch sports… The next person I have nothing in common with is Logan. Logan seems to be an athletic  guy. That obviously likes sports!First of all I don’t like sports and I never watch them either!  Logan likes to play hockey, but I like to play soccer and volleyball. And last, he is very lucky. He’s been outside of Canada many times like the Mexico and New York!<-Lucky boy!:)

See, even thought we live miles away from each other we still have time to connect with each other! We all really enjoy connecting with them and it’s a great way to make new friends!

My Life!


Hi, my name is Katie and I live in the wonderful town of Snow Lake!  Even thought we have a very small town, there is still lots to do. I enjoy  playing sports,babysitting and just hanging out! The sports I like to play are: Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton and Soccer! I enjoy playing sports because I get to spent time and work with my friends! In Snow Lake, we have lots to do. With sports in school and things outside, we are never bored! I’ve lived here all my life and made lots of friends. I will never regret it!

In Snow Lake we have a very small school, but everyone knows each other! We work together, do sports together and even hangout together! We are a very loving and friendly community. We welcome anyone who can make it here!

In grade 7/8 we work with a class from Ontario. There are a very understanding class and we all work well together! We work on a site called,Idea Hive you should check it out!  As we are beginning to work with them, we realize that even thought we are far away from them, we still find ways to work together! I really do enjoy working with them and I hope my teacher keeps this part up!!

*Never give up on something you have never tried before!*